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Railroad Clean Cab Radio
VHF, 155-174 MHz, 10-50 Watts

         Two-Year Warranty                         
Made in USA


One Piece Model

  • Uses a fresh, clean-paper design optimized for the railroad environment instead of adapting an off-the-shelf mobile radio
  • All-0metal, rugged enclosure for maximum durability
  • Large, bright, easy-to-read LED display for wide viewing angle, long viewing distance & ruggedness
  • Automatic dimming in low light environments
  • Front panel push buttons are large and flush mounted to ensure correct entry and backlit for low light operation.
  • Large speaker provides loud, crisp, easy to understand audio
  • Oversized east-to-grasp carry handle allows for hassle-free radio transport
  • Special emphasis on easy access and serviceability of all internal PCBs and related electronics. Assembly/disassembly straight-forward by service personnel
  • Directly supports NXDNTM FMDA 6.25 kHz operation with optional plug-in PCB.

Two-Piece Model

  • Dual front-end design, narrow front-end with dual surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter for AAR channels and wider front-end for general VHF operation
  • Appropriate front-end is automatically selected for channel/frequency chosen
  • Supports 170 MHz Mexican frequencies via wide front-end.
  • Tight RF specifications for urban environments.  Frequency stability supports FCC 6.25 kHz requirements.
  • Internal flash  memory and program code externally upgradeable
  • High VSWR Alert
    While transmitting, radio automatically shows [antenna] on the display if it detects and antenna VSWR greater than 3.1.  Provides quick visibility of a problem due to a faulty antenna connection at the radio, the cable or the antenna itself.  Reduces downtime and increases safety by ensuring maximum radio performance.

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Qty Model No. Description


RCCR-151 One Piece, Dual Mode Clean Cab Radio Call $2995
RCCR-151-NX One Piece, Tri-Mode Clean Cab Radio Call 3295
RCCR-152 Two Piece, Dual Mode Clean Cab Radio Call 3200
RCCR-152-NX Two Piece, Tri-Mode Clean Cab Radio Call 3500
RCCR-PCPK-1 Programming Kit - Software and Cable Call 125
RCCCR-PCPS-1 Programming Software Only Call 79
RCCR-PAC Programming Cable Only Call 50
RCCR-MRM-e Maintenance Manual (disk) Call 42
RCCR-NXDN-KIT Add-on PCB & Hardware. Upgrades RCCR to Tri-Mode Digital NXDN @ 6.25 kHz Call 675
RCCR-RMTCBL 30' Cable for radio with connectors Call 680
RCCR-PWRCBL Power Cable for one-piece RCCR, 72V w/right angle connectors Call 117
RCCR-HANDSET Telephone Type. Electret Mic, 8' coiled cord & connector Call 168
RCCR-CRADLE H.D. Rubber Hang-up Cradle for RCCR-HANDSET Call 18
RCCR-TRAY Clean Cab Mounting Tray. Fits Ritron RCCR-151 Call 183

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