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Shakespeare Marine Antennas
Shakespeare 5241
Low-Profile Steel Antenna

36" stainless steel whip, 6 dB gain - for flat boats.  Use ratchet mount with center hold required.

Cost:  $ 99
List:  $126

Shakespeare 4186-U
Nylon Ratchet Mount

4-way ratchet with handle for desk or bulkhead mounting; standard 1" - 14 male threads

Cost:  $12
List:  $14

Shakespeare 5206
VHF Antenna
White fiberglass, 6 dB gain.  Use ratchet mount with center hole required

Cost:  $61
List:  $76

    Shakespeare 4187
Stainless Steel Ratchet Mount

4-way ratchet with handle for desk or bulkhead mounting; 9/32: hole for Loran cable

Cost:  $63
List:  $83

Shakespeare 5218
VHF Marine Band Antenna

Small black SS whip with mag mount, 25 Watts input power, 15' RG58 coax

:  $ 73
List:  $91


Shakespeare 5187
Stainless Steel Ratchet Mount

4-way ratchet with handle nutless design Std 1"; 14 threads, special cable slot eliminate removal of installed connectors; bolt holes 5/16" dia; 
3 x 1-1/2" on center

Cost: $79
$List:  $110

Shakespeare 5244
Economy Whip Antenna

3 dB gain, base loaded with nylon 1", 14 thread ferrule, 15' RG58 coax & PL259



Cost:  $39
List:  $43

    Shakespeare 4188SL
Stainless Steel Ratchet Rail Mount

Ratchet action swivel type, fast release; mounts on 1" and 1-1/2" vertical, horizontal, slanted rails; 9/32" hole for cable feed, up to 8' antenna

Cost:  $ 76
List:  $107

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