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Compact Lowband Mobile
70 Watts - 32 Channels

  • 8 Character Alphanumeric LCD
  • 3 Digit Display and Icons
  • Two Color Tri-State LED
  • Up/Down Channel Selector
  • Mechanical Volume Knob
  • On/Off Power Button
  • Front Panel Internal Speaker
  • Noise Blanker Function
  • Single Priority Scan
  • Home Channel
  • 7 Programmable Radio Keys
  • MIL-STD 810 C/D/E
  • DTMF Decode
  • DTMF Dead Beat Disable (DBD)
  • DTMF PTT ANI Encode
  • QT/DQT Tone/Digital Coded Squelch
  • Operator Selectable tone (QT/DQT)
  • Emergency Key & Call Channel Features
  • Foot Switch Input
  • Ignition-Sense Function
  • Timed Power Off Function
  • Horn Alert Function
  • Data Password
  • Cloning
  • PC Programmable & Tuning
  • Flash ROM Memory
  • 15 Pin Accessory Connector
  • 8 Pin Modular Mic Jack
  • M-type Antenna Connector (pig-tail)
  • Size:  6.25x2x6.25
  • Weight:  3.5 lbs.
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Qty Model No. Description Cost List
TK-6110K Lowband, 29.7-37.0 MHz*, 70 Watt, 32 Channels Call $788
TK-6110K2 Lowband, 35.0-50.0 MHz*, 70 Watt, 32 Channels Call 788

33.6 MHz and 42.0 MHz models not available

  Installation Accessories    
KCT-18 Ignition Sense Cable Call 14
KLF-2 Line Filter (suppresses alternator whine, 25 dB, 25A max) Call 42
  Microphones & Speakers    
KMC-27A MIL-SPEC & Noise Canceling Dynamic Mobile Mic (8-pin mod. plug) Call 104
KMC-27B Standard Dynamic Mobile Mic (8-pin mod. plug) - same as supplied Call 42
KMC-28A MIL-SPEC & Noise Canceling Dynamic Mobile Mic Call 163
KMC-9C Desktop Mic (8-pin mod. plug) Call 86
  Service Related Accessories    
KPG-46AM Programming Interface Cable Call 160
KPG-59DK PC Programming Software for TK190/6110 (v 2.0) Call 69

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