Universal Chargers
Single, Multi-Unit & Vehicular

AC/DC-6-LC  Universal Rapid Six Bank Charger.  

Charges six different batteries with or without radio attached.  Space saving design with dual power source allows you to charge your radios anywhere.  Perfect for disaster relief, public safety, rental fleets.

AC/DC-3 Universal Rapid Three Bank Charger.

Incredibly small and lightweight - half the size of the AC/DC-6 and utilizes our fully interchangeable adapter cup system.


DC-1  Universal Rapid Single Vehicle Charger.

Tri-chemistry vehicle (CD) charger.  Ideal solution for charging your portable on the go.  Perfect for forestry, public safety, film production and disaster relief.  Includes charger cup, cigarette lighter power cable with mounting bracket and radio restraining straps.

AC-1  Universal Rapid Single Desktop Charger.

Rapid rate, tri-chemistry single desktop unit fitted with a self switching (110/220 V) wall cube power supply.  It utilizes the same interchangeable cup system.

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Qty Model No. Description


AC-1 Universal Rapid Single Desktop Charger $39 $48
DC-1 Universal Rapid Single Vehicle Charger 84 99
AC/DC-3 Universal Rapid 3-Bank Charger 269 319
AC/DC-6-LC Universal Low Cost Rapid 6-Bank Charger 299 369

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IMPACT Radio Accessories does not warrant the safety or effectiveness of charging Li-Polymer batteries in our chargers unless the battery make and model is specifically noted on this cup list.

Cup Part # Radio Models Supported


HYT-2             TC500 Series: TC-500-U1-110, TC500-U2-110, TC500-U2-220V, TC500-V1,
                      TC500-V1-230V, TC500-V2, TC500-V2-230, BlackBox

HYT-3             TC600 Series: TC600U-1, TC600U-2, TC600V-2, TC600V-2-RFB, BlackBox+

HYT-4              TC700 Series: TC700, TC700FM, TC700MD, TC-700PT, TC780, TC780M

HYT-5              TC3600, TC3000, TC268, TC268S, TC368, TC368S, TC270, TC370, PT790

HYT-6              PD702G-U1, PD702G-V1, PD702U-1, PD702V-1, PD782G-U1, PD782U-1


IC-1                Radio Models: IC-F3, IC-F4, IC-F3S, IC-F4S
                      Battery Models: BP195, BP196
IC-2                Radio Models: F30GS, F40GS, IC-F3GT, IC-F4GT, IC-F4GS, IC-F21, IC-F21S,
                       IC-F22, IC-F30GT, IC-F40GT, IC-F30GS, IC-F40G, F11
                      Battery Models: BP208, BP209, BP210, BP211
IC-4                Radio Models: IC-F50/F50V, IC-F60/F60V
                      Battery Models: BP226, BP227, BP227FM
IC-5                Radio Models: IC-F70DT, IC-F70T, IC-F70DS, IC-F70S, IC-F80DT, IC-F80T,
                      IC-F80DS, IC-F80S, IC-F9011T, IC-F9011S, IC-F9011B, IC-F9021T, IC-F9021S, IC-F9021B
                      Battery Models: BP253, BP254, BP254FM, BP237
IC-6                Radio Models: IC-F3001, IC-F4001
                      Battery Models: BP236, BP264, BP265


KEN-1             Radio Models: TK190, TK278, TK260, TK360, TK270, TK272G, TK370, TK280,
                      TK372G, TK380, TK290, TK390, TK480, TK2100, TK3100, TK3101, TK3130,
                      TK3131, TK481, TK5400
                     Battery Models: KNB14, KNB15, KNB16, KNB17, KNB17L, KNB20, KNB21, KNB22

KEN-2            Radio Models: TK250, TK350, TK253, TK353, TK430, TK431
                    Battery Models: KNB11, KNB12

KEN-3            Radio Models: TK2140, TK2160, TK3140, TK3160, TK2170, TK3170, TK2360, TK3360, TK3173
                    Battery Models: KNB24L, KNB25A, KNB26N, KNB35L, KNB40LC, KNB55L, KNB56N, KNB57L

KEN-4            Radio Models: TK2200, TK3200, TK2202, TK3202, TK2300, TK3300
                    Battery Models: KNB29, KNB30
                    KEN-4 supports these batteries when used only with the Ni-MH battery, the Li-ion battery requires KEN-6

KEN-5            Radio Models: TK2180, TK3180, TK5210, TK2180MPT, TK3180MPT, NX200, NX210, NX300, 
                    TK5220, TK5320, TK5410
                   Battery Models: KNB31, KNB32, KNB33L, I.S. battery KNB-41NC, KNB43L, KNB47L, KNB48L, KNB49PL,
                   KNB50NC, KNB54N

KEN-6          Radio Models: TK2202, TK2212, TK3202, TK3212, TK2300, TK3300
                   Battery Models: KNB45L
                  KEN-6 supports the slim Li-ion battery only, Ni batteries require KEN-4

Cup Part # Radio Models Supported


MT3-2          SP150,SPI140,SP300,SP310/320,SP330/340, SP120,SP100, SL25, SL55
                   Special Order Only


AMK-3          Alan HP-106 BP-0513/AP-0513Li - Special Order Only

AMK-4          Alan HP125K BP-3518Li - Special Order Only


MOT-1           GP300, P110, GP350, P1225/LS, LTS2000, GTX/LTR

MOT-2           HT750, HT1250LS, HT1550/LS/XLS, MTX850/LS, MTX950, MTX8250/LS, MTX9250,
                     EX500, EX560, EX600, EX600XLS, GL200, PRO5150, PRO7150, PRO9150, PR860,
                     Infinity P-1000, P1010

MOT-3           P040, P080, GP308, GP88S, CT150, CT250, CT450/LS, PRO3150

MOT-5/7        HT1000, MTX838, MTX1000, JT1000, MT1500, MT2000, MTS2000, MTX900,
                    MTX9000, MTZ2000, MTX8000, MTXLS, XTS3000, XTS3500, XTS5000, PR1500,
                    XTS1500, XTS2500

MOT-8          HT600, HT800, MT1000, P200, P210, MTX800

MOT-11        CP150, CP200, PR400

MOT-12        VL130, BC120, CP125, AXV5100, AXU4100, GP2000

MOT-13        MAG ONE/BPR40

MOT-14        MTP700

MOT-18 Motorola CP185

Relm/Bendix King:

KEN-1           RPV Series

RBK-1           E,G,&L Series DPH 9.6V batteries. Note: Requires -V4 version charger

RBK-2          KNG-P150
Note: Requires -V4BK version charger


VY-1           VX110, VX150,VX160, VX180, VX210,VX400, VX410, VX800, VXA12, VXA120, VXA200

VY-2           VX600, VX900

VY-3           VX500, VX510, VX530

VY-4           Battery Only: VX821, VX871, VX824, VX874, VX829, VX879
                  Radio & Battery or Battery Only: VX921, VX971, VX924, VX974, VX929, VX979

VY-5           VX354, VX351 (FNB-V96Li)