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Reconditioned Test Equipment Values
  • 120-Day Warranty
  • All Units Tested and Calibrated
  • 5-Day Right of Refusal
  • Equipment includes all cables, standard accessories and operators manual
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Qty Model No. Description Cost
IFR 1900CSA Reconditioned 2 GHz Service Monitor with tracking generator, TFT Color Display. Every required feature $12,400
IFR A7550 Reconditioned Spectrum Analyzer - 10 kHz to 1.0 GHz with tracking generator and battery - 300 Hz to 3 MHz resolution bandwidth 3,800
IFR 1600S/1600 Reconditioned CSA, TDMA, IS136 - Spectrum Analyzer, tracker, color screen, every feature. IFR Top Units 7,400/8,800
IFR 2398/2399 Reconditioned Spectrum Analyzer with tracking generator - 9 kHz - 2.7 GHz, Factory Demo, 1 Year Warranty 5,500/6,500
Motorola 2600B/C Reconditioned Spectrum Analyzer, high stability, tracking generator and more 6,400/7,400
Motorola R2670A Reconditioned - with Astro, Trunking, 800/900 MHz ... 12,700
Add P25 Digital Test to above - only 2,000
Anritsu/Wilson Reconditioned Sitemaster S111 (300-1200 MHz) with load/short 2,000
Anritsu/Wilson Reconditioned Sitemaster S112 (5 MHz - 1 GHz) with load/short 2,200
Anritsu/Wilson Reconditioned Sitemaster S113 (5 MHz - 1200 MHz) with Cal Options 2,500
Wiltron Reconditioned Sitemaster S330 (700 MHz - 3300 MHz) 3,500
Wiltron Reconditioned Sitemaster S331 (50 MHz - 3300 MHz) with cal loads/shorts 4,000
Wiltron Reconditioned Sitemaster S331A (30 MHz - 3300 MHz) with cal loads/shorts 4,500
Anritsu Reconditioned S251A Sitemaster with Option 10 (700-2500 MHz) 4,800
Power Meter, BIAS/T (Add $400) to above 400
Anritsu Reconditioned S251B - same as above with Display and Battery light 5,800
Wiltron Reconditioned S332B - Antenna tester, to 4 GHz, Spectrum to 3 GHz, Sweeper 8,000
(1800 & 1900 MHz) 4,500
Anritsu Reconditioned MT8212A Cellmaster, Antenna tester to 4 GHz - Spectrum analyzer to 3 GHz 10,000
Anritsu Reconditioned MS2711 - Spectrum Analyzer (300 kHz - 3 GHz) with Option 5 and 1 Year Warranty (Demo Unit) 4,200
Wiltek Reconditioned 9101 Spectrum Analyzer with color display - 100 kHz - 4 GHz (Factory Demo) 1 Year Warranty 5,950
Eagle Reconditioned Return Loss Bridge (150N3D) (1-1200 MHz) New in Box 485
Sunrise Telecom T1 Tester and T10 with 15 VN and Power Measurement - includes Options C, D, E, L, I, U 1,500
Sunrise Telecom Reconditioned Model T3 (Covers DS, DSO, DSL) - DS 3 Testing of T1 & T3 1,800
Sunrise Telecom Reconditioned Handheld DSL (Tests DSL Circuits) 1,400
Anritsu Reconditioned MS2711D with options 6, 21, 29, Spectrum Master 7,900

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