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F5061/F6061 3-in-1 Mobile
Analog, LTR & Digital All-In-One
50 Watt VHF / 45 Watt UHF
512 Channels

This Mobile has 3-in-1 CAPABILITY - Basic LTR, Analog Conventional and Digital Conventional.  6.25 kHz digital mode ready.  This 6.25 digital radio will give the user private and quiet channels for many years.  The optional UT-119 board provides 6.25 kHz private digital narrow mode communications.  The radio will also be able to use the customers existing channels and frequencies.  A low cost first in the LMR industry!


  •  512 Channels
  •  50 Watts VHF / 45 Watts UHF
  •  Switchable wide/narrow 12.5/25 kHz
  •  3-in-1 Capable - analog Conventional, LTR, Digital Conventional
  •  Detachable Front panel (requires separation kit) for remote mount - Optional
  •  MDC1200 in analog & LTR (stnadard)
  •  2-tone, 5-tone, CTCSS, DTCS is Standard
  •  Decodes ten 1-ton codes and eight 5-tone codes per channel
  •  IP54/55 Dustr Protection & splash Resistance
  •  Full Dot matrix Display
  •  Enhanced audio with DTL amplifier
  •  DTMF Encode, Selective Call, ANI and stun/kill
  •  MIL SPEC C, D, & E
  •  D-Sub 25-pin accessory connector (horn, dimmer, model, PA, etc.)
Model No. Description List
F5061 01 VHF, 136-174 MHz, 50 Watts, without UT119 Digital Board $620
F5061 01 UT119 VHF, 136-174 MHz, 50 Watts, with UT119 Digital Board 825
F6061 06 UHF, 450-512 MHz, 45 Watts, without UT119 Digital Board 620
F6061 06 UT119 UHF, 450-512 MHz, 45 Watts, with UT119 Digital Board 825
Internal Modules    
UT-109R Simple Voice Inversion Scrambler with up to 32 codes 105
UT-110R Rolling Code Scrambler with up to 1020 (255 codes x 4 groups) 173
UT-119 6.25 kHz Digital Board 250
HM-152 Standard Microphone 44
HM-152T DTMF Microphone 90
HM-148G Heavy Duty Microphone (supplied) 100
SM-26 Desktop Mic for Dispatching - equipped with monitor switch 115
CSF5060 Programming Software 72
OPC-1122 Programming Cable - PC to Radio with RC-232S connector 99
OPC-1122U Programming Cable - PC to Radio with USB connector 99
Separation Kits    
RMK-3 01 Remote Mount for front panel detachment (separation cable required) 115
OPC-607 9.8 ft. separation cable 55
OPC-608 26.2 ft. separation cable 70
OPC-609 6.2 ft. separation cable 50

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