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Converters And Inverters
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Trunking/Conventional Mobiles  
VHF - 50 Watts, 128 Conv/32 LTR    
UHF - 45 Watts, 128 Conv/32 LTR

  • 50 W VHF & 45W UHF
  • Two-Tone Encode/Decode
  • Dual Priority Scan
  • Emergency Call/PTT I.D.
  • Wide/Narrow Channel Spacing
  • Programmable Power Per Channel
  • 3.5W Front Panel Speaker
  • Companded Audio Per Channel
  • 12-Character Alphanumeric Display
  • LCD Backlit Control
  • 3-Digit Numeric Sub-Display
  • 6 PF Keys with Label Inserts
  • Send GPS
  • Dual ANI Board Support & ANI Board Install
  • DTMF Decode Selective Call
  • DTMF Deadbeat Disable
  • DTMF PTT ID & DTMF Emergency ID
  • Auto-Dial Memory (32 numbers)
  • DB-25 Accessory Connector/6-pin accessory connector
  • Two (2) Embedded Messages
  • MIL SPEC C, D, E & F
Model No. Description List
TK-7150 136-174 MHz, 50 Watt, 128 Conventional/32 LTR Zones max. $735
TK-8150 400-500 MHz, 45 Watt, 128 Conventional/32 LTR Zones max. 770
KCT-18 Ignition Sense Cable (plugs into TK7150/8150 mobile 6-pin acc.conn. 14
KCT-22M Remote Control Cable - 8 Feet: TK7150/8150, 90-Series 74
KCT-22M2 Remote Control Cable - 17 Feet (typical sedan length) TK7150/8150 Series 84
KCT-22M3 Remote Control Cable - 25 Feet TK7150/8150 Series 95
KCT-23M DC Cable (35-50 W Dash Mount, pos/neg 10 ft. leads) 32
KCT-23M3 DC Cable (35-50 W Remote Mount, pos 23 ft; 3.3 ft. leads) 35
KCT-36 KCT-34/35/40 Extension Calbe; 117.6 inches (9.8 ft) 44
KCT-40M KGP-2A/2B & KDS-100 Radio Interface Cable for 50-Series Mobiles 28
KLF-2 Line Filter (suppresses alternator whine, 25 dB, 25A max) 42
KRK-9 Remote Control Kit for TK7150/8150 (purchase KCT-22M/M2/M3 cable separately) 49
Control Station Installation Accessories  
KMC-9C Control Station Desktop Microphone (8-pin mod. plug) 86
KPS-15 DC Switching Power Supply (117/230 VAC; 23A max. continuous, 25A peak) 173
Microphones and Speakers  
KES-5 External Speaker, 20 Watt max input (plugs into TK7-150/8150 mobile 6-pin acc conn.) 62
KMC-27A MIL SPEC & Noise Canceling Dynamic Mobile Microphone (8-pin mod. plug) 104
KMC-27B Standard Dynamic Mobile Microphone (8-pin mod. plug) 42
KMC-28A MIL SPEC & Noise Canceling Dynamic Mobile Microphone (8-pin mod. plug) w/DTMF 163
KMC-9C Control Station Desktop Microphone (8-pin mod. plug) 82
Service Related Accessories  
KPG-46AM Mobile Programming Interface Cable (8-pin mic jack mobiles) for 60G/62G/80/50-Series Mobiles 191
KPG-79DK PC Programming Software for TK7150/8150 - Windows  104
L-939 Tune TK7150/8150 50
L-940 Assemble TK7150/8150 with KRK-9 Remote Kit 35

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