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Antenna/Mast/Tower Mounting Kits
  ASPR-613   List Call
Side Tower Mounting Kit. Dual standoffs mount antenna up to 36 inches away from tower (based on 18 inch faces) using ASP-617 clamps. These supports are grounded to the tower. May be mounted on any square or triangular tower with tubular legs up to 4 inches in diameter or 2.5 inch angle iron and face dimensions from 6 to 25 inches. Not recommended for use with ASP-685 or ASP- 705 in high wind areas; use ASPR-614 or ASPR-615. Shipping weight is 50 lbs.
  ASPR-614   List $415
Side Tower Mounting Kit. Similar to ASPR-613, but also includes a fiber glass insulated upper support arm. Standoffs permit mounting antenna from 18 inches to 7 feet from tower (based on 18 inch faces). Shipping weight is 93 lbs.
  ASPR-615   List Call
Side Tower Mounting Kit. Same as ASPR-614, except kit mounts antenna from 18 to 36 inches from tower (based on 18 inch faces). Shipping weight is 67 lbs.
  ASPR-616   List $65
Clamp Set. Consists of two clamps for mounting base station antennas to tower or mast. Will mount on structure from 1 to 2 7/8 inches diameter. All parts are galvanized. Shipping weight is 6 lbs.
  ASP-617   List $45
Clamp Set. Plate is 025 inch galvanized steel. U-bolts are supplied to secure any combination of two intersecting pipes from 1 or 2.875 inch OD. Accommodates up to 2.5 inch angle iron or 4 inch OD tower legs with up to 2.875 inch OD intersecting cross pipe. Adapts ASP- 760 Yagi and ASP-604 corner reflector antennas to mount on up to 2.5 inch angle iron or 4 inch OD tower legs. ASP-617 can be combined with ASPA-320 mounting members such as tile ASPR-603 VHF corner reflector. Shipping weight is 6 lbs.
  ASPA-320   List $45
Mounting clamp for securing antenna to wooden pole, tower leg or mast up to 2.75 inch diameter. Special feature allows jaws to be rotated 90 degrees to clamp onto horizontal mounting bars. Clamps are gold iridite aluminum. Shipping weight is 3 lbs.




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