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Service Monitors                                             MADE IN USA

New & used service monitors and Test Equipment ,from Wavetek, IFR, Motorola, Hewlett Packard and others with prices starting at $1800/with warranty.  Complete Repair and Calibration of all  major models (See Below)
  • Test Equipment Leasing Available With $1.00 Buyout (See Lease Plan) Click here
  • 90-Day  Warranty to 1 Year Warranty! (Caution:  Never purchase a service monitor without a warranty!)
  • All Units Tested & Calibrated
  • See Specials Below
  • See NEW Low Cost Ramsey COM3010 below!!!!
  • See Spectrum Analyzers, Sitemasters & other test instruments below
  • See calibration and repair rates below (Warranty on Repairs)


Description: Lightweight (16LBS), Battery or AC Powered, Tone Generator with Sinad and Watt Meter. FM, AM, SSB, Frequency Error Meter & more.  Very portable.  Perfect for in and out cars, trucks and boats.  Analog Accuracy.  Excellent


$3800 $2500 (Special)

IFR-1000A / 1000S / 1100S   

Description: Tone Generator, Scope, Spectrum, Watt Meter and MM-100E Test Set in Lid.  (IFR1000A is in "Like New" condition with original ac/dc cables, antenna, carton, manual and newly certified to NIST standards).  90-day warranty on all.  Perfect for a starting business or backup unit.


$1850-$1600 Special / $2900 / $3400
IFR-1200A/S/Super S  

Description: Duplex Generator, Watt Meter, Tone Generator, Spectrum, Tracking Generator, Signal Strength Meters, Sinad and Distortion Meters. FM, AM, SSB, Power Meter.  The Industry Leader! Excellent Condition

$3800/$5500 $4500/$6000 (Special)

Description: Duplex and Tracking Generator, Cable Fault Finder, FM, AM, SSB, Universal Tone Encoder, Spectrum, Sinad, Watt Meters, Cellular, LTR and more.


$5400/$6000 (Cellular) Excellent Value

Description: Large Display, digitized full scan spectrum analyzer and scope with split screen mode, 1000 MHz offset duplex operation.  Every feature.  Like new.  1 Year Warranty


$7500 $6000 (Special)
Wavetek SSI 3000B/3000S    

Description: Sinad, Watt Meter, Tone Generator, Scope, Frequency Counter, Frequency Error Meter. (Spectrum Analyzer w/3000S)

$1500 (Special) /2450
Motorola R-2001 A/B/C/D   

Description: Communications System Analzyer with high stability oscillator comprises 12 instrument functions for transceiver testing:  spectrum Analyzer, duplex Generator, Modulation Oscilliscope, Frequency Counter, AC/DC Digital Voltmeter, RF Wattmeter/Signal-Level. 


$2500 / $2600 /  $2900 (Special) / $2900 (Special)
Motorola R-2008 C/D & R2009D   

Description: The ultimate Motorola Units.  Spectrum Analyzer, Scope, Duplex Generator, All Signaling formats, Sweep Generator, AM/FM/SSB, Dual Tone Generator,   Digital ATT, DVP/DES, 800/900,
                                      Trunking & More


$2600 (Special)/
$2600 (Special) / $3300 (Special)
Motorola R-2018D/HS  

Description: Solid Motorola!  10kHz to 999.999 MHz - System Analzyer/Tracking Generator, Oscilliscope, High Stability Oscillator, Auto Ranging CRT Display, Frequency Counter/Wattmeter, numerous other features.      Ready to ship!


Motorola R-2021D/HS  

Description: Communications System Analyzer with high stability oscillator comprises 12 instrument functions for transceiver testing:  spectrum Analyzer, duplex Generator, Modulation Oscilloscope, Frequency Counter, AC/DC Digital Voltmeter, RF Wattmeter/Signal-Level.  Also has cellular - analog Trunking Type I and Type II Trunking/800/900 MHz analog Trunking Test; analog cell test function.  Unit has front cover, manual and power cord.


90-Day Warranty
Motorola R-2200A/2410A/HS/2600B/C/CBS   

Description: 100 kHz-1 gHz.  Has wattmeter, SINAD meter, tone generator, PL encode/decode, receiver, signal generator, scope, AC/DC voltmeter, AM/FM Mod meters and much more with manual, lid and good battery.  46 lbs.  Very Good.  Also 2400/2600 Has Spectrum Analyzer.  Perfect startup or backup service monitor.  Includes 90-day warranty and calibration.


$1500  (Special!) / $1950 (Special) / $5000
Motorola R-2600C   

Description: State of the Industry!  General Dynamics/Motorola with Markers, Oscilloscope, Tracking Generator, Full Band Duplex Offset Generator, Distortion Meter, RF Scan Counter and numerous more features. - Ready to Ship!!!


w/90-Day Warranty
Hewlett Packard HP 8920A/8920B  with options  

Description: Spectrum Analyzer / Tracking Generator, Tone/Digital Signaling, and many options.  Top in the industry.


4500  - Special
$5500 (B Model)
NEW!   Ramsey - COM3010    

Description: Full featured, accurate measurement and monitoring of communications from 100 kHz to 1.0 GHz with 0.1 ppm accuracy.  Full duplex design enables independent and separate measurement and testing of transmitter and receiver circuits simultaneously making it the idea service monitor for the radio technology of today.  All functions are selected with simple commands and selections on the Elastomeric touch keypad and are on high contrast dual vacuum fluorescent graphical displays.  Battery operation is standard - field use a breeze!  This new, lightweight and small unit with 1 Year Warranty does everything most service shops require.  See Features below:  Call for specs.

                       Lease to Own $99.72 / month with $1.00 buyout

Don't Repair it...REPLACE IT! - Trade-in any Bird or other power meter, Ramsey, Cushman, IFR, Hewlett Packard, Anritus, Motorola, Singer, General Dynamics or Wavetek service monitor and save! (Regardless of condition)


  • 100 kHz to 1.0GHz, Full Duplex (FM and AM)
  • Built-in Power Meter & Dummy Load - New! (200mW - 100W)
  • Built-in Frequency Counter (Frequency error to 1 Hz in three counter modes)
  • Built-in Sweep Generator (Linear, octave & decade of up to 10,000 points) - New!
  • CTCSS Encode & Decode, DPL Encode
  • Built-in SINAD meter - New! (-30 dB to 0 dB of SINAD)
  • Built-in Calibrated RSSI Meter
  • Built-in RS232 Control - New!
  • Built-in Lithium Ion Battery Pack w/battery meter included
  • Receive Signal Strength Meter
  • Audio Counter
  • Oscilloscope can easily be added
  • 100 Memories w/scan of 100 stores
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Dimensions:  6 (h) x 12 (w) by 15 (d)
  • Weight:  14 lbs.

1 Year Warranty




A "Best Buy"



$99.72/month with $1 buyout


IFR Reconditioned Service Monitors (90-Day Warranty)
**IFR1200S Communications Service Monitor with Spectrum Analyzer (Standard of the Industry - does all basic tests!  Spotless - Just Came In.  High Serial No. (3 Month Warranty!)  2 Remaining $4500 Special

**IFR500A Communications Service Monitor: Lightweight (16LBS), Battery or AC Powered, Tone Generator with Sinad and Watt Meter. FM, AM, SSB, Frequency Error Meter & more.  Very portable.  Perfect for in and out cars, trucks and boats.  Analog Accuracy.  Excellent Condition.


$3800 $2500 (Special)

Motorola Reconditioned Service Monitors - (90-Day Warranty)
**Motorola R2200B Communications Service Monitor with oscilloscope -  generates and receives from 100 kHz to 1 gHz, output as high as 0 dbm.  Has 2 LCD's which indicate frequency error, deviation, wattage, alarm, etc.   Also has CRT to display demod wave from, encoder, LCD display, Sinad, Watt meter (no spectrum analyzer).  Perfect start up or backup service monitor.
1 Remaining
$1500 (Special)
  • 90-Day Warranty 
  • recalibrated                                 - on all our units
  • Reconditioned

Calibration & Repair Rates

  • Calibration $500.00 per unit - traceable to NIST Standards
  • Service Repair - $79.00 per hour labor plus parts  - (Component Level Repairs)
  • Turn Around Time:  7-10 Days unless otherwise specified
  • Estimates can be provided.


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