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Commissioned Reseller Program

Receive 25% commission on any product sold on our website or catalog!
Receive easily attainable dollars ($200 - $1000+)
  1. Sell any product on our website or in our catalog to a business, acquaintance, police department, fire department, factory, hospital, etc., and receive a 25% commission check.
  2. No Paperwork or money to handle.  We do all paperwork, shipments, frequency selection, licensing (if necessary), programming and collections.  Commissions are mailed to you.
  3. Simply tell us who your customer is, billing and shipping addresses, and what he wishes to purchase.  Call us for any system advice.  Your customers name is confidential.  Secondary sales by you or should your customer call in - commission is yours.
  4. NOTE:  Your own logo catalog and flyers provided - upon request, we will provide you our catalog and flyer templates showing your name/logo at no charge to you.  The catalog or flyer will provide pricing and all the information you need to make that commissioned sale.

Examples of Type of Sale (Based on List Price)

List Price Sale 25%
5% Discount to your customer 20%
10% Discount to your customer 15%
15% Discount to your customer 10%
Sale of quantity of 4 Icom America Model F1000 01 RC, 5 Watt, 16 Channel, VHF (148-174 MHz) Portable Radios with standard desktop charger.

$252 each * 4 units = $1008.00
(We will do all paperwork, system setup and billing)

$252 commission
Sale of quantity of 2 Icom Model F6011 52, 45 Watt, 8 Channel, UHF (450-512 MHz) mobile radio with 2 Laird 3 dB gain mobile antennas (B4503), cable and connector.

$346 each * 2 units (F6011 52)  = $692.00
$62.53 each * 2 units (B4503/MB8PI) = $  125.06
Total        =  $817.06
(We will do all paperwork, system setup and billing)

$204 commission

Sale of complete portable system (see homepage) of two (2) 5 Watt portables, one (1) base station, and a 5 dB gain antenna and cable - ready to install at a construction site, factory, hotel, etc.   

Total $1052
(We do all paperwork, system setup and billing)

Click the images below to go directly to the manufacturer's price pages:

$263 commission


Finally, should you wish to have all equipment shipped to you for your resale to your customer and wish to handle the entire sale with no involvement by us simply order from the discounted "cost" pricing shown on our website or catalog.  We will ship and bill the equipment directly to you.  We give any consulting service, pertaining to the system, to you.

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